• Create a new project
    • Create from scratch
      • Import from GitHub repo
        • Import from FTP
          • Import from ZIP file
          • Opening a project
            • Preview files
              • Embed
                • Console & errors pane
                  • Deploy project
                    • Upload to FTP
                      • Commit to Github
                      • Project explorer
                        • Project context menu items
                          • Folder context menu items
                            • File context menu items
                            • Status bar
                              • File view modes
                                • Project settings
                                  • Options
                                    • Shortcuts
                                      • Window menu
                                        • File menu
                                          • Tools menu
                                            • Toolbox
                                              • External libraries
                                              • Tabs context menu items
                                                • Welcome page

                                                  A little bit of reading

                                                  Here you find a summary of features and functions provided by Devello Studio. We've tried to explain all details together with images and some small movies, we hope this section can act as a self learning tutorial. In addition to that you can find out visual tutorials in our Youtube channel, although Devello Studio and its UI are intuitive but anyway don't hesitate to contact us if you don't come clear with something or if you find difficulties performing an action.

                                                  Devello Studio Logo